All EU and UK electric vehicle charging stations in one app
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About the project

BONNET is a unique London-based project that provides access to charging stations for electric vehicles in the EU and the UK directly from a smartphone via a mobile application. We helped the company's founders realize their boldest ideas by developing a convenient tool to find and pay for charging stations that electric vehicle users will appreciate.


Charging an electric vehicle at various Electric Vehicle charging stations is a difficult and highly mixed business. There are hundreds of thousands of gas stations in Europe with electric charging units belonging to various networks. To refuel, you need to find the nearest petrol station, have an RFID card (transponder) with you to suit this operator, and understand the payment system.

Globus IT software developers' task was to create an end-to-end solution that supports payment from the credit card and the user's personal account, where charging stations for electric vehicles are collected.


We've created an app that will show you your nearest Electric Vehicle stations and allow you to access all charging stations in the EU and the UK, no matter which operator they are.

The user can select one of the following payment options:

  • Subscription fee for one of the tariff packages, depending on the needs. The standard price per kilowatt hour will apply to all Electric Vehicle refuelling.
  • Effectively one-time payments.

On the system without the RFID card, charging can be used and paid for at any charging station via your Phone.

It's just an account. One application. Single Payment Access to all EU and UK Electric Vehicle charging stations.

The app features the ability to search and filter existing charging stations based on the connector type of the electric vehicle charger.

How does this work?

3 simple steps with minimal time:

  1. Start. The driver selects the desired charging point in the app and presses the START button.
  2. Request. BONNET contacts the station provider to obtain charging permission.
  3. Payment and recharge process. The action is confirmed and current comes to the charging station.

If someone unplugs the charging station cable from the connector, the user will receive a notification.

Customer review

Patrick Reich, Bonnet Ltd

"I would like to express my gratitude to the entire Globus IT team who worked with us throughout this period. It was a great pleasure to work with such a well-organized, optimistic and disciplined project team and I will definitely recommend Globus IT to my friends. The superior programming we brought our project from the idea stage to the finished product stage I would like to make a special mention of the project developer for his skills. He did an excellent job of coming up with effective and efficient ideas that would help overcome the difficulties encountered throughout the process. The developer very quickly mastered a technology with which he had not worked before, and for us this was an important indicator of his level of competence We would like to thank the project manager who helped with all organizational issues and minimized any problems throughout the process, ensuring that the project was completed on time."

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