Automated product data management system

For manufacturers, distributors, retailers and many other companies interested in automation.

Comspire PIM speeds up the display of products, reduces the cost of content management, simplifies the expansion of the range and the opening of new distribution channels.


The system is capable of processing data on 500,000+ products and automates up to 80% of routine content operations.


The platform integrates with any external systems via integration bus. Ready-made connectors with SAP ERP and Oracle ERP

Reliability and security

Unlike cloud solutions, data is stored on the company’s server, which provides control and full access to it.

Flexibility and scalability

The system is adjusted and finalized for any business processes.

Integration with SAP ERP and Oracle ERP

Ready-made connectors with SAP ERP and Oracle ERP allow us to set up integrations and launch the project in the shortest possible time.

Turn product content into a competitive advantage with PIM COMSPIRE System

Find out the weak points of your product content. Get free analytics based on the experience of our clients.

The report can provide data on:

  1. Product cards
  2. Search
  3. Up-sale/Cross-sale
  4. Product filters
  5. Category structure

Why Rely on Comspire PIM Platform?

Business Challenges

All content in one system

Improves content quality

Through the introduction of a system of templates, it standardizes filling in the necessary product information

Accelerates sales

Due to the automation of routine processes, the goods get on the shelf for
1-2 days instead of 4-5 days

Increases the number of SCUs

Automation makes it easier to work with a large number of new suppliers and products

Simplifies the sales system

PIM automates up to 80% of routine content operations

Supplier self-service

By automating work with suppliers, the number of suppliers is increasing

The influence of ComSpire PIM on working with product content is significant!

Important of the key metrics that can be achieved when using PIM Comspire

What business metrics are affected by ComSpire PIM?

Conversion +20-30%

ComSpire PIM directly or indirectly affects all types of conversions — product page views, adding items to the cart, and making purchases. Based on our client data, we can confidently say that there is a 20-30% increase in conversion rates throughout the entire sales funnel. This is achieved through high-quality product content, accurate filters, and a top-notch product catalogue.

Revenue +15-20%

Revenue generated through new platforms allows for audience expansion and attracting new customers. Providing goods or services on new platforms can significantly increase sales volume and generate additional income. It can also contribute to brand strengthening and increased brand recognition, as these new platforms can attract new audience segments with which the company previously did not interact. According to our estimates, ComSpire PIM can increase company revenue by 10-15% through new platforms.

Profit Margin +15-20%

ComSpire PIM increases the profitability of trading through quality up-selling and cross-selling. By suggesting relevant and complementary products to customers, it encourages them to make additional purchases or choose higher-priced options. This strategy increases the average order value and overall profit margin for the business. By effectively utilizing up-selling and cross-selling techniques, ComSpire PIM helps maximize revenue and profitability. On average, ComSpire PIM can increase profit margin by 15-20%.

SEO +20-30%

Еnriched product content and attributes have a positive impact on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When product information is detailed, accurate, and optimized with relevant keywords, it helps search engines understand the content and context of the webpage better. This, in turn, improves the visibility of the products in search engine results and increases the likelihood of attracting organic traffic.

Additionally, well-structured and informative product content enhances the user experience, leading to longer page visits and reduced bounce rates, which are also factors considered by search engines in determining search rankings. Therefore, investing in enhanced product content and attributes through ComSpire PIM can greatly improve SEO performance and organic search visibility for businesses. Based on our experience, this leads to an increase in organic traffic by 20-30%.

LTV +15-40%

ComSpire PIM can contribute to increasing Customer Lifetime Value (LTV). By centralizing and organizing product information, ComSpire PIM enables businesses to provide accurate and consistent product data across various sales channels. This leads to improved customer experiences, reduced returns, and increased customer satisfaction, ultimately resulting in higher customer retention rates.

The average increase in Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) for our clients is 15-40%.

Average Order Value +20-30%

The high-quality selection of related products and the recommendation system ComSpire PIM increase the average check. The system is capable of offering customers additional products that complement their initial purchase. This creates additional opportunities to increase the average check, as customers will be inclined to purchase more items, sparking their interest and satisfying their needs.

By utilizing the capabilities of ComSpire PIM, it is possible to increase the average check by 20-30%.

Product returns +20-40%

Product returns can result in direct losses for a company in terms of logistics and inventory turnover. However, having high-quality and accurate content can help reduce the percentage of product returns. When customers have access to detailed and reliable information about the products they are purchasing, they are more likely to make informed decisions and be satisfied with their purchases. This can lead to a decrease in returns and mitigate the associated costs and logistical challenges for the company.

ComSpire PIM has the potential to reduce this metric by 20-40%.

Benefits of a PIM system

Being a unified product content management system, PIM replaces unsuitable software: ERP/Excel/CMS.

Reduce errors in product information and provide customers with a new level of customer experience.

Quick launch of sales, accelerating profits

All product data in one system

Analogues, related products, kits, tagging.

Goods templating

Grouping characteristics in templates allows you to speed up and standardize content management

Information quality control

The system automatically suggests priorities when filling out the catalog.

Data history

The ability to view the author of changes and return to any point in the history of making information.


Managing the distribution of goods in the catalog based on the types of goods and their characteristics.

Competitive Advantages

Technology has no alternatives in terms ofperformance, cross-platform and many other characteristics

Ease of development and integration

ComSpire is a vendor, integrator, and technical support all in one. This allows us to guarantee that the product will be implemented on time and work optimally.

ComSpire PIM is not a boxed product but a framework that can comprehensively solve any customer’s tasks.

Withstands heavy loads

Microservice architecture and modern technologies allow for distributing one website across multiple servers, solving several tasks simultaneously: ensuring high availability of the website, scaling it under increasing loads, and load balancing of traffic and data between multiple servers.

The cost does not depend on the number of SKUs

Unlike SaaS solutions, we are not bound by tariffs and SKU limitations. You can scale your business without incurring additional expenses to maintain the PIM system.

Tech Stack

Java, Spring Boot, Angular, PostgreSQL, nginx, Tomcat. Microservice architecture.

It can be argued that this technology has no alternatives in terms of performance, cross-platform compatibility, and several other characteristics.

Platform Security

ComSpire PIM pays great attention to security. The security toolkit includes a proactive filter, web antivirus, one-time password technologies, authentication protection, integrity control, and protection against suspicious activity and DDoS attacks.


ComSpire PIM prioritizes providing a seamless and intuitive UX и UI to enhance user satisfaction and ensure efficient interaction with the system.

This allows for a 30% reduction in order processing time by managers and a 20% increase in conversion to purchase.

Features of ComSpire PIM System

Bulk operations

Introduce mass changes to the nomenclature to speed up the work with content by reducing manual efforts and increasing the effectiveness of marketing strategies

Editing and enrichment

Bulk adding attribute values, changing families, adding products to groups, moving to different categories.

Smart search

Site visitors will quickly find and save what interests them.

A powerful Elasticsearch-based content management tool that allows you to quickly search, rank and store large amounts of data in real time.

Data import and export

Getting information about products from corporate systems and external sources, regardless of the complexity of classification, taxonomy, clusters and attributes.


Support for all popular formats: JSON, XML, CSV, XLS.


Data is updated instantly via integration bus

Security and rights management

Ensuring joint work on filling and enriching data through the distribution of the rights of participants — everyone will have access to only the information he needs. The history of changes for each product is always at hand: actions are logged and displayed in the history.


The action control system allows you to avoid accidental errors and return to the previous version of the content.

Data distribution through sales channels

When your site should have one description of the product, on marketplaces — another, and in ERP — the third.

COMPO PIM allows you to customize and export only the product data that is needed for each individual platform or sales channel.

Each storefront can broadcast its own version of the catalog, including the structure, product names and prices.

Try Comspire PIM for free!

As part of the free ComSpire Pim pilot project, you will receive:

  • Allocation of services and infrastructure
  • Setting up microservices
  • Broker setup
  • Setup: test server; stand CI/CD;
  • Deployment of the PIM system with application settings
  • Import of product base from xml feed / queue

Evaluate the convenience and potential of ComSpire!

Scalability and technology

Robust and event-driven microservice architecture provides load resiliency and scalability.

Standardized technology stack with a focus on open source software


Ready to work with mobile applications.


Ready to work as cloud services.

Front-endLinux, Angular 12, TypeScript 4, Nebular
Back-endLinux, Java 11, PostgreSQL, Spring Boot
Security systemSpring security, JWT, RBAC
MonitoringSpring Actuator, Zabbix Agent
IntegrationRabbitMQ, Apache Camel