Digital online system for oil and gas sector

Digital online system designed for monitoring the production and delivery of chemical reagents for the oil and gas industry, which combines all the relevant processes into a single supply chain. Now both customers and vendors are able to reduce the costs of purchasing chemical reagents and most importantly logistics costs.

Problem and task

We decided to create a network in which all the participants of the supply chain could work together. From the technical standpoint our task was to develop an online system with built-in big data analysis technology as well as adaptive algorithms. Besides that, we had to implement capabilities for costs optimization and dynamic price change.


Here we will describe how it works using the example of the main actions which a client and a customer do when working with the online system

Step 1. A client places their proposal for delivery of materials, spare capacities and logistic capabilities.

Step 2. Customer publishes information about requested items, timing and basic delivery information as well as desired effectiveness of materials.

Step 3. Based on this information an algorithm selects and offers a delivery option.

Step 4. After picking a solution, customer places their order online.

Step 5. Customer receives his order on-time and provides a parametric assessment of product performance based on the results of use. Each assessment is included in database in order to maintain the system of relevant product selection.

We created various roles and data management functionalities for every participating organization. Customers, for example, can publish information about requested items, their features, as well as target and actual efficiency. Suppliers (production sites, shipping companies, and raw material distributors) establish the range of their services, including the relevant terms and up-to-date prices.

Through Introduction of neural networks and data mining we made it possible to reduce the final cost of products and streamline key processes — from finding customers to production.

Developers of chemical reagents used to face a number of challenges, including the lack of resources for the production of large commercial quantities, poor logistics, and inability to participate in the tender processes. Now we were able to embody the idea of unifying customers and vendors in a single online system.

Digital tools we use in online system

Microservice architecture: the load is evenly distributed, each service can be active

VPN gateway that makes work safe for the user

Integration with internal ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning system) of participating companies

Exchange rates, FIAS

without the support of the other. In addition, the introduction of new functions or the integration of third-party SaaS solutions are optimal — in the shortest possible time

A qualified digital signature that integrates the systems of DiaDoc and Deltainc. Thus, the information can be used in different systems.

Integration with external systems

Analytics using Business intelligence (BI) for convenient presentation of sales analytics

The result is a global marketplace for oil and gas industry

  • Combines different market players: suppliers, customers, transport companies
  • Connects production sites, warehouse complexes, customs brokers
  • Integration with both internal systems of participants and external platforms
  • Opportunity to scale to foreign markets

Operating result

  • More than 3,500 orders made on the platform.
  • The catalogue has more than 500 offers (463 of them are relevant).
  • Average savings on all products up to 9%.