Hotels Digital Transformation
About the Project

Product for the hotel business, designed for implementing a high reception level and for management processing inside the hotel. From now on, analytics from the management will be transparent. Also, guests will be in complete comfort with a wow effect.

Problem and task

The purpose of every business is to make a profit. The hotel has its own performance metrics. We decided to create a system that will combine them into a single analytical report: hotel, restaurant at the hotel, SPA, etc. In addition to convenience, the system will be analyzing peak loads, vulnerabilities, and personnel work.

On the part of the guests, the language barrier, as well as challenges in booking entertainment at the hotel and high demand for communication with the personnel often become problems. Our digital product will help you not only to get acquainted in detail with the interior and common areas of the hotel via 3D visualization, but also to get a personal concierge in the form of a chatbot, and to check-in and check-out on your own.

How the system interaction works:
  • 1
    Before making a reservation the guest views a 3D tour of the hotel and after that books a room
  • 5
    Before going to bed, the guest can ask the voice assistant in the smart room to adjust the indoor air temperature, pull down the curtains, and turn-on relaxing music. And the guest can schedule a maid’s visit who will take things to the laundry in the morning
  • 2
    At the hotel, the guest can simply stop by the room without waiting in the reception line
  • 4
    You can check out (and check in) on your own, without delays and queues
  • 3
    From the application, the guest books a table in the restaurant for the evening and a massage for tomorrow morning
  • 6
    After the check-out, the administrator may offer to evaluate the guest’s stay at the hotel. This assessment, choice of room, choice of a table in a restaurant, and preferences with respect to spending time will be saved in the system and added to the manager’s general statistics
  • 4
    Using the chatbot, the guest looks for the event to visit in the evening. In response, the guest receives a list of places with detailed information about the location, cost, and announcement. The request for ticket purchase is handled by the concierge. The guest can also make a payment via the application
  • 8
    Upon re-arrival, this guest will be able to make offers based on his interests and previous choices. That will affect loyalty to the hotel
Digital Transformation Tools
  • Dashboard implementation for hotel management (analytics, statistics, personnel management)
  • Smart room system: from scenario development to equipment delivery
  • 3D tour
  • Personal concierge (chatbot)
  • The booking module of the hotel’s internal activities
  • Self check-in, self check-out
The result is a unified functional system for guests, management, and hotel personnel
  • Single communication window for guests (application)
  • Unified management report
  • Guest behavior prediction system
Operating result
  • The increase in the average cheque per guest by 40%
  • More than 20 analytical metrics for reporting
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