Automated product data management system
Comspire PIM speeds up the display of products, reduces the cost of content management, simplifies the expansion of the range and the opening of new distribution channels.
For manufacturers, distributors, retailers and many other companies interested in automation.
Comspire PIM: Enterprise
The platform integrates with any external systems via integration bus. Ready-made connectors with SAP ERP and Oracle ERP
The system is capable of processing data on 500,000+ products and automates up to 80% of routine content operations.
Flexibility and scalability
The system is adjusted and finalized for any business processes.
Reliability and security
Unlike cloud solutions, data is stored on the company's server, which provides control and full access to it.
Integration with SAP ERP and Oracle ERP
Ready-made connectors with SAP ERP and Oracle ERP allow us to set up integrations and launch the project in the shortest possible time.
ComSpire PIM for manufacturers
ComSpire PIM allows manufacturers to work with diverse product information in a unified system
Quick product launches

  1. Quickly launch your products on the market
  2. Increase conversion through content
  3. Enhance brand loyalty
  4. Reduce the likelihood of errors
Personalized content for specific channels
  1. Improve engagement and conversion rates
  2. Boost sales through content personalization
  3. Launch new sales channels faster and more efficiently
  4. Reduce expenses associated with launching new sales channels.
Storage and control of product information
  1. Automate content enrichment based on business rules
  2. Control every department working with content
  3. Check that all necessary documentation is available
  4. Store product information in one place
The supplementation of product information with detailed descriptions, new attributes, and digital assets is often done "on the fly" as products are being prepared for launch. Small content teams simply cannot keep up with preparing the information and are forced to publish product cards before they are 100% ready.

Publishing incomplete content and manual supplementation leads to errors, reduces the conversion rate, increases the number of returns, and ultimately affects revenue and profit.

ComSpire PIM for distributors
ComSpire PIM enables the acquisition of product data from suppliers and converting it into product content for various channels.
Monitor and manage supplier data

  1. Quickly launch your products on the market
  2. Increase conversion through content
  3. Enhance brand loyalty
  4. Reduce the likelihood of errors
Make your products stand out from your competitors

  1. Increase conversion and content quality
  2. Structure the assortment by relevance for each channel
  3. Personalize content to suit client needs
  4. Optimize the team's work with data and products
Bring new products to market faster

  1. Automated management of product content
  2. Increase conversion through content
  3. Improve brand loyalty
  4. Reduce the likelihood of errors
Manufacturers often provide incomplete and contradictory product data. Consumers are becoming increasingly selective and choosing distributors that offer not only the best terms but also provide the most comprehensive and accurate product information.

To store and transmit product content in the market, there is a standard solution to this problem: manual data consolidation in spreadsheets or product management systems using cloud storage for media content. However, this solution does not provide any advantages over competitors.
ComSpire PIM for retailers
Enables to easily manage millions of SKUs with thousands of attributes. Automates process to eliminate manual work, optimize productivity, and improve product experience.
Expand Your Product Range
Expanding a product range using manual processes is a huge challenge. And dealing with extra product sources during supplier onboarding can complicate matters further.

PIM simplifies product information management processes and unites unlimited internal and external data sources. So expanding your product range is much more straightforward.
Drive product discoverability
Quality product information for retailers forms the backbone of a solid SEO strategy, a key element to product discoverability. And PIM easily handles SEO product data.

As well as this, set up unlimited sales channels with ComSpire PIM so your products have extended reach. PIM also gives you control over the product content you publish across each channel, so you can ensure you always meet the specific requirements. Set up pre-determined data rules to make this super simple to manage.
Future-proofing your business
A high-quality PIM will steer your retail eCommerce strategy into the future, enabling you to stay competitive.

A PIM solution will easily connect with unlimited internal and external systems. For example, eCommerce platforms – such as SAP or Oracle – or over diferent ERP system.
Turn product content into a competitive advantage with PIM COMSPIRE System
Find out the weak points of your product content. Get free analytics based on the experience of our clients.

The report can provide data on:

  1. Product cards
  2. Search
  3. Up-sale/Cross-sale
  4. Product filters
  5. Category structure
Why Rely on Comspire PIM Platform?
Business Challenges
All content in one system
Improves content quality
Through the introduction of a system of templates, it standardizes filling in the necessary product information
Increases the number of SCUs
Automation makes it easier to work with a large number of new suppliers and products
Simplifies the sales system
PIM automates up to 80% of routine content operations
Accelerates sales
Due to the automation of routine processes, the goods get on the shelf for
1-2 days instead of 4-5 days
Supplier self-service
By automating work with suppliers, the number of suppliers is increasing
The influence of ComSpire PIM on working with product content is significant!
Important of the key metrics that can be achieved when using PIM Comspire
  • 70%
    Increasing the efficiency of product information management
  • 30%
    Reducing time to market for new products
  • 50%
    Improving content quality
What business metrics are affected by ComSpire PIM?
Benefits of a PIM system
Reduce errors in product information and provide customers with a new level of customer experience.
Quick launch of sales, accelerating profits.
Being a unified product content management system, PIM replaces unsuitable software: ERP/Excel/CMS.
The ability to view the author of changes and return to any point in the history of making information.
Data history
The system automatically suggests priorities when filling out the catalog.
Information quality control
Analogues, related products, kits, tagging.
All product data
in one system
Grouping characteristics in templates allows you to speed up and standardize content management
Goods templating
Managing the distribution of goods in the catalog based on the types of goods and their characteristics.
Competitive Advantages
Technology has no alternatives in terms of
performance, cross-platform and many other characteristics
  • Ease of development and integration
    ComSpire is a vendor, integrator, and technical support all in one. This allows us to guarantee that the product will be implemented on time and work optimally.

    ComSpire PIM is not a boxed product but a framework that can comprehensively solve any customer's tasks.
  • Withstands heavy loads
    Microservice architecture and modern technologies allow for distributing one website across multiple servers, solving several tasks simultaneously: ensuring high availability of the website, scaling it under increasing loads, and load balancing of traffic and data between multiple servers.
  • The cost does not depend on the number of SKUs
    Unlike SaaS solutions, we are not bound by tariffs and SKU limitations. You can scale your business without incurring additional expenses to maintain the PIM system.
  • Tech Stack
    Java, Spring Boot, Angular, PostgreSQL, nginx, Tomcat. Microservice architecture.

    It can be argued that this technology has no alternatives in terms of performance, cross-platform compatibility, and several other characteristics.

  • Platform Security
    ComSpire PIM pays great attention to security. The security toolkit includes a proactive filter, web antivirus, one-time password technologies, authentication protection, integrity control, and protection against suspicious activity and DDoS attacks.
  • UX/UI
    ComSpire PIM prioritizes providing a seamless and intuitive UX и UI to enhance user satisfaction and ensure efficient interaction with the system.

    This allows for a 30% reduction in order processing time by managers and a 20% increase in conversion to purchase.
Features of ComSpire PIM System

Introduce mass changes to the nomenclature to speed up the work with content by reducing manual efforts and increasing the effectiveness of marketing strategies.
Bulk operations
Bulk adding attribute values, changing families, adding products to groups, moving to different categories.
Editing and enrichment
A powerful Elasticsearch-based content management tool that allows you to quickly search, rank and store large amounts of data in real time.
Site visitors will quickly find and save what interests them.
Smart search
Getting information about products from corporate systems and external sources, regardless of the complexity of classification, taxonomy, clusters and attributes.
Data import and export
Data is updated instantly via integration bus
Support for all popular formats: JSON, XML, CSV, XLS.
Security and rights management
Ensuring joint work on filling and enriching data through the distribution of the rights of participants - everyone will have access to only the information he needs. The history of changes for each product is always at hand: actions are logged and displayed in the history.
The action control system allows you to avoid accidental errors and return to the previous version of the content.
When your site should have one description of the product, on marketplaces - another, and in ERP - the third.

COMPO PIM allows you to customize and export only the product data that is needed for each individual platform or sales channel.

Each storefront can broadcast its own version of the catalog, including the structure, product names and prices.
Data distribution through sales channels

Try Comspire PIM for free!
As part of the free ComSpire Pim pilot project, you will receive:

  • Allocation of services and infrastructure
  • Setting up microservices
  • Broker setup
  • Setup: test server; stand CI/CD;
  • Deployment of the PIM system with application settings
  • Import of product base from xml feed / queue

Evaluate the convenience and potential of ComSpire!
Standardized technology stack with a focus on open source software
Robust and event-driven microservice architecture provides load resiliency and scalability.
and technology
Ready to work with mobile applications.
RabbitMQ, Apache Camel
Spring Actuator, Zabbix Agent
Spring security, JWT, RBAC
Security system
Linux, Java 11, PostgreSQL, Spring Boot
Linux, Angular 12, TypeScript 4, Nebular
Ready to work as cloud services.
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Try Comspire PIM for free!
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